Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Do People Expect To Much Out of Us?

Just a short post. This week has been a very long week. I thank God for what he done for me. I thank him that he saved my soul and called me to preach. I really am not going to give a outline. I know we are to be different. We are to be Christians. But sometimes I think people expect us to be perfect. Sometimes I think people forget we are actually human. We are capable of making mistakes. We do not have everything in our life perfect. Sometimes we get an attitude when we are not suppose to and they ridicule us by saying He's a Christian or She
s a Christian. We sometimes get are feelings hurt because we are not crucified to the flesh. Sometimes we don't deal with situations like we are suppose to . Sometimes I think people expect to always be 100 percent perfect and we are not. This week I have been beaten up by the messengers of Satan at work and then get beat up by other people in my life. You sometimes just want to scream. there is a famous song He is still working on me. Even as a preacher there are somethings that I preach that God is still working on me. Sometimes he has done whip me and now it is my job to use the Word to deal with people. At work the attitude sometimes God has to get ahold of my heart and show me what I did wrong. Do you ever feel like you can never to right. I thank God that there are somethings I know he does for me.

I. He loves me Unconditionally.
People find are bad and want to forget the good. God sees us and loves us no matter what.

II. He advocates for me.
The bible says when I sin he is my advocate. He stands in my place. His blood as covered my sin. Jesus is on my side. People want to crucify you when you mess up again I am not advocating messing up but we do.

III. He is always with me.
People let us down, People fail us, People ridicule us. God never lets us down God never fails us, and God never ridicules us. He loves despite us.

Just a few thoughts, been beaten up this week, taken it out on people I love. I pray that this has been blessing. Thank God we can pray for one another, and love one another.

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Sis. Julie said...

Amen Bro. Tim!!! I agree that people do expect too much out of us sometimes. I also know that I'm saved and that God expects me to live a clean life before others. I am always mindful of others expecting alot out of me. We are under a microscope so-to-speak. That should humble us to help us live right. I did a post on testimony today on my site. That is a very important issue to me. I thank God that my kids have a SS teacher who loves them and has a good testimony before them. They look up to you and are so thankful that God sent you to them. They have had some "doozies" for SS teachers in that past. We love and appreciate you Brother!! Keep up the good work!