Thursday, May 26, 2005

Slow to Speak

James 1:19 Wherefore, My Beloved Brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath.

Today I had one of those days. A co-worker of mine and me got in a heated argument. The argument didn't end up very well. We didn't talk the rest of the day. THey always try to make things at work a racist thing. Anyways I kind got in the flesh but when I went back to my office the Lord put a thought on my heart. I hope it helps all of us because I know I am quick to speak sometimes.

The Bible has a lot to say about are tongue. It has a lot to say about are speech. We are to be careful in what we say. Our brother James took the whole third Chapter to talk about this. Some things about this tongue.

It is powerful.
We can build people up or we can cut them down. We have that ability with our tongue. How many times have we said something that we regreted. You may be more spiritual but I have many times. It says no man can tame the tongue. Sometimes we are sarcastic or blunt and we don't think about what we say. Remember slow to speak.

It is poison
Sometimes things we say tear peoples character up. What I mean is usually when use are tongue wrong someone else is sharp to speak back which leads into arguments and sometimes it brings worldly people to fighting.

How do we control the tongue?

Realize we Can't.
We can not control the tongue. So many times we say I can control what comes out but we can not. We must realize that no man can tame it. All the animals in the world are tame.

Respond Cautiously.
Remember slow to speak. When someone berates us or lies about us or gets on our nerves we MUST be careful in how we react. Jesus is our example. He was slow to speak always.

Rely on the Comforter
God gave us the Holy Spirit. He is the only one that can control our tongue. We must yield to the Spirit if not then we will get in the flesh and what comes out most of the time is not good.

The Lord just reminded of this today. I believe we can have a godly speech at all times. Maybe I am just carnal in this area. I am not talking cursing I am talking about being mean with are speech, joking about people, cutting people being sarcastic. If no one get help I did. I hope this is a challenging post. Lets do a better job at being slow to speak.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Had it not been for Calvary

I was listening today to a song and it is a song that we all know. If you look at crucifixion of Christ there are many things we ought to be thankful for. You find the crucifixion in all the Gospels. I was thinking today what if Calvary didn't happen. There are people that don't believe happen and there are many people that reject Calvary happening but in our life where would we be if it wasn't for Calvary.

I. We be in Sin.
Thank God we are freed from sin.
If we hadn't knelt at the cross who knows where we be.
We be Wicked.
We be Worldly
We be Wearied
Sin is weary. It breaks us down and leads to death.

II. We would have to pay the sentence.
God's sentence is Hell. We would have to spend eternity in the Lake of Fire had it not been for Calvary. We all say thank God we don't have too but what about family friends foes going. Those that we love will go to that awful place. We must try everything from prayer, to fasting to telling our love ones.

III. We would not meet the Savior.
The one who died on the cross for us.
He loves us.
He leads us.
Those that die will be meet him as judge if they don't get saved. We will meet him as friend, and as the rock of our soul.

Had it not been for Calvary what a mess we would be in. Thank God we have been to the fountain at Calvary. It should motivate us to try our best to tell as many as we can the Gospel.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Do People Expect To Much Out of Us?

Just a short post. This week has been a very long week. I thank God for what he done for me. I thank him that he saved my soul and called me to preach. I really am not going to give a outline. I know we are to be different. We are to be Christians. But sometimes I think people expect us to be perfect. Sometimes I think people forget we are actually human. We are capable of making mistakes. We do not have everything in our life perfect. Sometimes we get an attitude when we are not suppose to and they ridicule us by saying He's a Christian or She
s a Christian. We sometimes get are feelings hurt because we are not crucified to the flesh. Sometimes we don't deal with situations like we are suppose to . Sometimes I think people expect to always be 100 percent perfect and we are not. This week I have been beaten up by the messengers of Satan at work and then get beat up by other people in my life. You sometimes just want to scream. there is a famous song He is still working on me. Even as a preacher there are somethings that I preach that God is still working on me. Sometimes he has done whip me and now it is my job to use the Word to deal with people. At work the attitude sometimes God has to get ahold of my heart and show me what I did wrong. Do you ever feel like you can never to right. I thank God that there are somethings I know he does for me.

I. He loves me Unconditionally.
People find are bad and want to forget the good. God sees us and loves us no matter what.

II. He advocates for me.
The bible says when I sin he is my advocate. He stands in my place. His blood as covered my sin. Jesus is on my side. People want to crucify you when you mess up again I am not advocating messing up but we do.

III. He is always with me.
People let us down, People fail us, People ridicule us. God never lets us down God never fails us, and God never ridicules us. He loves despite us.

Just a few thoughts, been beaten up this week, taken it out on people I love. I pray that this has been blessing. Thank God we can pray for one another, and love one another.

Do People Expect To Much Out of Us?

Thursday, May 12, 2005

A Pure Heart

Matthew 5:8
Blessed are the pure in heart;for the shall see God.

I was reading the beatitudes and some of them jump out at me. I may teach these in Sunday School I don't know yet. But I will at least teach a couple of them. As read this passage of scripture there are some things I realize about God. God is Holy, He is Pure, and he wants us to be these things. Don't get me wrong the heart is decietful we know this but the Bible say we should be pure in heart.

As we look at this the word blessed means happy. That means if heart is not pure we are not happy. The word pure means clean, clear. We can live with a clean heart. David asked the Lord to create a clean heart. The bible says that we are to guard are heart with all diligence. It takes work keeping a clean heart.

We must keep a pure heart


I. By Spending Time with the Lord.
We must have fellowship with to Lord. How do we fellowship with the Lord.
A. By Studying. We must do more than just read the Bible we must Study the scriptures. If we stay in the Word the Holy Ghost can show through the mirror of the Word of God what we need to get out of our lives.
B. By Supplication. Prayer
We must pray, we have to keep the lines of communication opened with God. If we don't we will not keep a clean heart.
C. By Seeking.
I believe we need to seek the Lord fervently to keep a clean heart with him. We need to beg God to help to keep a clean heart.

II. By Attending Church Regulary.
A person out of church will not keep a pure heart. The Man of God preaches through the leadership of the Holy Ghost what we need to hear to stay clean.
We must be Faithful.
We must be Fervent.
We must be Fruitful.

III. By Looking For Christ.
We must live are lives daily expecting the return of Our Lord. People that don't keep a pure heart will not be looking for his return. The Bible tells us that every man that has this hope purifies himself. Most Christian live there lives the way they want and do not have the fear of God in their lives.

As close this post this should be something we strive for in our lives. To have a pure heart. The rest of the verse tells us we shall see God. Another post. But we shall see his Power, Presence, Protection, peace, Provision.

After this week I do plan on posting more at least every other day.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Revival or Remaining the Same

ps 85:6 Wilt thou not revive us again that thy people may rejoice in thee.

I believe with all my heart the Lord wants to send revival to his people on this earth. God wants the very best out of our lives. According to II Chronicles 7:14 there are requirements. Humble ourselves, pray, seek his face and turn from our wicked ways. As a preacher of the gospel I am convinced that most people do not want revival. They want to come to meeting but they don't want to obey the Holy Ghost when he moves our on our heart. We either get revived as Christians or we remain the same. Why would a Christian want to remain the same I don't understand? But here are a couple of reasons.
A. They forgot the Wonders of God.
If you look at the chosen people of God they would get right and end up doing the same thing over again. They saw many works of God in their live. Just like us He saves us, answers prayers for us yet we find ourselves in the same ruts in our lives.
B.They Fear the World.
What I mean is they fear the ridicule from the world and the persecution that comes when you live for Christ. THe Bible says all that will live godly shall suffer persecution. They fear what people may say if they sell out to Christ. Sometimes as Christian we get are minds on what people think about us and forget who we are to please.
What happens when you remain the same.
I Complacency. The christian life becomes ho hum. If God moves he does if don't that that is up to him.
II. Callous. We get to the point where we don't listen to the holy spirit like we should. He tells us to do something and we disobey and heart starts to get callous. We need to obey the Lord when he tells to do something immediately.
III. Coldness- We become cold to the things of God. Our relationship becomes cold. Are praying isn't like it used to be.
When we don't get revived like the Lord wants us to then we are on the steps of remaining the same. That is why you deal with the Lord when he deals with you.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

What is missing in Our Life.

I was pondering today at work about somethings. I was studying the Bible and saw some things,as I was seeking the Lord. We know the Lord as our savior but sometimes it seems like something is missing. I mean we hear good messages and see God move but there is something missing. I know we all fail the Lord in our lives. Thank God he is longsuffering to us after we get saved. But just maybe are a couple of things missing.

I. Compassion for the Lost.
Do we really love sinners? I mean we say I want to see people saved but do we really see them dying and going to hell. Every person we come in contact with has a soul. Christians in the most part have lost their compassion for the Lost. I know I want to win souls, but I also know I have let opportunities slip.

II. Consecrated Life.
We say we love God, but does he really have our life. Have we really given our lives to the Lord. Do we love him more than any other. I would have say if we are honest things sneak in our lives that sometimes we are not aware of and we lose that closeness with the Lord. God wants our lives more than anything we can give him.
III. Changed Life.
What I mean by this is our we stirred only or do we get changed. I am tired of falling into the same ruts, sins, traps put their by the enemy. Don't you really want to see God do something amazing in your life. I do.
IV. Challenging Life.
Does your life and testimony challenge others to live for Christ. Do people see a difference in your life. Whether be a lost person, or a friend or a family member. Do people see in your life that you have been with Jesus in your personal life.
Just a few thoughts I know I need to work in some of these areas and I have asked God to help me.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

A True Friend

Prov 17:17
A Friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.

As I start this first post. I am reminded that we all want to have friends.
There are not many people that have no desire to have friends. The Bibles teaches us that Jesus will be are very best friend. As a Christian when we learn this it will change our lives. However I am also reminded is good for Christian to have good godly friends. There are many reasons for this and I would like to share them if I could.

Reason #1 is To Remember Us.
It is good to have friends that we know will pray for us. We all struggle in this life and have problems but it is good to know that we have close people that will accept for who we are and pray for us. When we are a good friend we will not let a day go by that we don't pray for are brothers and sisters in Christ.

Reason#2 is To Rebuke Us.
This is not a word we like using but there are times in our lives that we need to rebuke one another as friends. When we know our friend is doing something they are not suppose to, then for us to be that good friend we don't just let it slide and act like it didn't happen. We need to in love rebuke them. For instance if we have a friend that is out of fellowship with the Lord we need to Rebuke them. That is what a good friend would do.

Reason #3 To Restore Us.
When we Rebuke we should always look at Restoring that friend to fellowship. When our friend decides to walk Sin's Path we sometimes have to let them go on that path. We must pray for them but let them go.
When we have friends out of fellowship it would be easy for us to end up the same place if we associate, but when they come back we must love them and accept back just like God does to us.

To conclude are you a true friend or are you just an acquaintance. May
we pray and let God allow us to be that True Friend.