Monday, January 16, 2012

Hey Everybody New Posts beginning.

Well it sure has been a while since I have posted on my blog. I believe I am going to start posting again starting today. I will try to have one once a week. I am not making any promises. As we enter this new year I have had alot on my mind. We are have celebrated four years at JBC this was in September. God has been good. We are once again at crossroads at the church. There isn't any problems as far as I know but I believe a Spirit of Complacency as entered in the church. One thing that helps me is to know we aren't the only one going through it. So I want to blog for a couple of minutes on this thought A Spirit of Complacency.
Websters definition:
: self-satisfaction especially when accompanied by unawareness of actual dangers or deficiencies
: an instance of usually unaware or uninformed self-satisfaction

You say what you mean preacher. I mean we have become satisfied where we are in Our Walk, Our Worship, Our Witness. As the preacher said yesterday we ought not be satisfied with where we are Spiritually until our feet our on the street of God. I believe that is the truth. The more I get in my Bible and Study the more I know I don't know much at all. People are satisfied with where their church is at. I will give you a couple of reasons how this is entering our churches.

I A Lack of Faithfulness
Not only to the church services which I still believe you ought to be there when the doors are open. Their Studying, Their Supplication(prayers) and their Service. People serve Jesus out of Convience not out of Commitment.

II. A Lack of Fervency
We all must guard against lukewarmness. I want to be on fire for the Lord. I am afraid many our not nor our they concerned they are not. People blame the Preacher, the People for losing their fire for God. My problem with that is they just go through the motions. Whether people are on fire, or the pastor is on fire ought not matter. You ought to be on fire for your Lord.

We are going to give an account one day before the Lord and no excuse is going to do why we didn't do what we where suppose to do for the Lord. I trust this is a blessing to those that read.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

We are to be different

Who have himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people zealous of good works.

I was sitting here pondering about this thought that has been on my heart most of the day. I thank God that I am saved. We have so many benefits of being in Christ that sometimes I think we forget all we are in Christ. I thank God that I don't have to go to hell, and I thank God that I get to go to heaven. I thank him that he gave me his Holy Spirit to lead and guide me in all truth. I thank God that he has given me the joy of serving him. There are some things in this verse that we are to be in Christ.

I. We are a Purchased Person. We are been purchased. The word here is redeem. We have been bought with a price. That price was the Lord Jesus shed blood on Calvary. The bible tells that we no longer are own. We are not to be self driven but spirit led. The problem with most saved people including myself is that I have too much self in the way. Self controls so much in our life that it is no wonder we don't have the power of God today.

II. We are a Purified Person. He purified us. He cleanse us with his blood and gives us a brand new start, and expects to live right. He expects us to live godly in this present world. He has purifed us from sin. He washed them all the way, the sad thing is that we let sin reign in our mortal body and we fail so much because we forget that we are purifed.

III. We are Peculiar Person.We are different now that we are saved. There are things now that we do that people say we are weird. When I read the Word of God at work that is weird to a lost and dying soul. When I talk about the Lord instead of what world offers that is weird to people. When I listen to good preaching instead of the ungodly music people listen to that is weird. We are pilgrims in this land, we are to be in the world but not of it. I am reminded that This world is not my home I am only passing through. People should think that we are weird. The problem is too many have the stench of the world that are saved that the world sees no difference. Therefore they just live the same way. People should be convicted by the way we are different. I thank God that i am different.

In closing I just wanted to remind us today of what are in Christ. We need to as Christians get serious about how are lives effect other people. They either effect positively, or negativily. We are to show the Love of Jesus but we are not to compromise that love. Till next time God Bless.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What is Your Issac?

We will find a great story in Gen 22 about Abraham and Issac, I love this story of course it is a foreshadowing of what Christ done for us taking our place. However the Lord gave me a message last June that he allowed to preach that I believe help some people in my church and in a revival I was able preach. One person came up to me and said it was one of the best messages they ever heard. I told him praise the Lord that it helped him. The thought comes from verse two. The Lord told Abraham to sacrifice his son whom loved. The Lord was testing Abrahams complete surrender. Today in church people believe some or mostly surrendered is alright but God wants 100 percent of your life and wants you to love him above all other things in your life. With that being said I would like to share with you a couple thoughts that you may need to place on an altar.

The First thought is Your Family.

You know I have been preaching for over 10 years served in the minstry longer than that and the one thing that gets in the way of serving the Lord is family. People miss church because family comes into town. It is amazing to me how many times family comes in town on church day. People put their kids above God. I believe children are a gift from the Lord, however they are still to be second place in your life. People put their kids sports above God. I wonder how many may need to say Lord I love my family above you and I am sorry and place them on the altar.

The Second thought is Your Friendships.
I have heard this several times well preacher we have been friends for years. Teenagers tell me we have been friends since grade school. Friends either draw you closer to the Lord, or they cause you to drift. Sometimes the reason people are in such a rut is they will not place their friendships on the altar. You are not to be friends with those that are in darkness in this world. We are to try to reach them with the gospel.

The Third thought is Your Fleshly Amusements.

The things you listen too. Some CHristians God has been after there worldly music for years, and just won't give it up. They love there music above the Lord. One of the musics we deal with here is country people just don't see a problem with it. Even though it talks about fornication, adultery, beer and things of that nature they say oh GOd don't care REALLY, the Bible says everything we do ought to glorify God.

The things you watch, do they glorify God. If Jesus was to come down and be in the room with you could he watch it with you.

The Fourth though is Your Future.
We make plans and never include God in them. God wants are todays, and tomorrows. This point is mostly to young people have you layed your future on the altar. Above any plans you have you need to surrender your life to God. GIve him a white piece of paper sign it and ask God to fill in the blanks.

In conclusion what is God asking you to give up in your life, do be more pleasing to him. Till next time God Bless

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Happy New Year Everyone

Well I bet many who read me didn't think I was posting anymore well shock here I am. Well last year was a good year. The church is steady had some bumps in the road at the end of the year but God is faithful. I do attend on trying to put a post more often again. I didn't know if anyone was reading my posts so I kind of stoppped. I have a question a Preacher says the independent baptist movement is at a crossroads today. I do agree with him about that but I disagree with the reason. His reason is because of unity with other brothers in Christ. What I gather is it don't matter version, music or standards we ought to stay together I disagree. I put that I believe it is because we have subsituted God's Power for programs. My question if anyone would like to answer is this Why are so many leaving the Independent Baptist Church? If you would like to answer would love to hear you feedback on this.

Bro Tim

Friday, May 22, 2009

Keep the Fire Burning

I Samuel 3:1-10

It was the job of the priest to make sure the fire never went out. In todays world of Christianity there is not much fire burning. In our churches it is hard enough for people to be faithful to the House of God. People have a lot of excuses why they don't come to God's house. With that being said we need to have a fire burning in our churches so people can come and see what is burning.

We need Old Fashioned Preaching- we need preachers to get a backbone and preach thus saith the Lord. We have people in our church tell me you don't sugar coat nothing well we are not suppose too.
We need Old Fashioned Praying- Oh how we need to get back to praying in our churches. One of the least attended services is Wed the Hour of Prayer.
We need Old Fashion People- we need to get back to living Holy lives before the Lord. It is still God's command for us to be Holy.
We need Old Fashion Praising- People will shout at a game, or at the T.V. but when it comes to God's house it is like pulling teeth to get a Amen! How sad.

It must be started- Before you get a fire burning in your soul you have to know that you have been saved. It is not a hope so think so salvation it is a know so salvation. I pray you all know that you are saved by the grace of God.

It must be Stoked- When you have a good fire you have to keep the fire burning so you have to stoke it. How do we stoke it.
a. By reading and obeying the Word of God daily
b. By praying on a daily basis.
c. By serving in the local church.

More than anything what we need after the fire is burning is my last point. My last point is it must spread.

It must spread.

Who does it need to spread to:
Well our children need to see a fire burning. After the age of 18 over 70 percent of young people turn their back on God.
1. Hypocritical Parents
2. No Realness in the Church

More than anything the people that need to see a church burning for the Lord is our Community. They need to know that there is something real down at the church house.

To close I know a short thought today I believe the Lord wants me to start posting more regular again. I want to ask you this question are you not tired of the formalism in church, don't you want the spirit to move, then we must surrender all to him and get on fire for the Lord. Till next time God Bless YOu.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Great and Mighty Things

I know it has been a while since I post. I am still alive. It has been a rough couple of weeks in the church nothing bad just regular pastoral duties. You know families mad at one another, and then people getting there feelings hurt over misunderstandings. I am going to try to start posting regularly once again. I pray I may gain new readers that will gain some encouragement through the posts.

Jeremiah 33:3
Call unto me, and I will answer thee and shew thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not.

I preached this last Wednesday Night at church. At the beginning of this chapter we find the Word of the Lord coming to Jeremiah the second time, and to start out I am glad the Word of the Lord comes more than once. I believe everytime you go to church the Word of the Lord should come to you. What we need in this hour of concern in our nation is for God's people to act on the Word of the Lord. We live in a church age that is lukewarm at best, and many people don't even hear what is being preach to them. If they hear it I know many are not heeding to the Word of the Lord. But my thought for this post is this verse. First we are told to call on the Lord. I know the day we got saved we called on his name to save us, but I believe we have lost sight that we still need to call on the Lord in everything we do. I am glad I am calling on one that is very attentive to what I need. I am glad that he is waiting to hear from me. Now to the next point I will answer thee. You know God answers us according to his will. He will answer us yes, no or wait, I know in my life many times I get the wait answer. That brings us to another thought we can not treat God like a microwave. We get upset when we don't hear the answer we want in our time. God is soverign and he will answer in this time. His ways and thoughts are above are thoughts. Now we come to the reason for this post. He will show great and mighty things. The church today settles for the status quo. I still want to see God do great and mighty things today. I know God can still do great and mighty things.

In the Salvation of Souls God can still do the great and mighty. He can still save souls that we think are hopeless. People we are praying for he can still save them. He is still in the soul saving business, and God want to use us in the area of reaching lost people to do the great and mighty.

I believe God still wants to do the great and mighty in the church. He still wants to fill the church up. He still wants to perform miracles in our churches. He wants to heal people from their infirmities. He wants to put marriages back to together. He still wants to bring the wayward home.

To close the reason we do not see the great and mighty today is I believe we just don't believe God. We don't have the trust in God to do it. Today most churches have not seen the move of God in the church. Even though he says he is there. What do you need today in your life. I know one thing He can still do the great and mighty. God bless you till next time.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What do When the Devil is on Your Back?

First Before I post this thought I want to thank those who still come by. I want to be more faithful to posting but sometimes I wonder if anyone is really keeping up on the posts that the Lord gives us. I want to let those who our my friends on here things are still going well at the church and God is still blessing. I pray you allow this simple thought today to speak to your heart. We need Christians to stay in the battle no matter how hard it becomes.

We all go through times in our life where we are closer to the Lord than at other times. The devil lies to us how good the other side of the fence is. The Bible tells us that Satan desireth you and he will not quit. Satan desiring to sift Peter in Luke 22:31. It is good to know that Satan can not do anything without God's permission. I was thinking recently about area's in my life that I seem to have the most trouble in. I know what they are and I also know Satan knows what they are. I know in my own life I get tired of being defeated in the same areas of my life. I pray and asked God to help me and really want to have complete victory in my life, but for some reason when tempted I fall back in the devils trap. I know most Christians have areas that they struggle in. Remember the devils ultimate goal in our life is to get us to quit on God. I know the reason biblically why I get defeated it is because I have not yielded to the Holy Ghost. I know what the Bible says and I know greater is he that is in me, than he that is in the world. Maybe I am missing something and maybe no one else that reads this has this problem but I believe we all do. I know we are never to quit on God even though I have thought about it in the past. I know people who have given into the pressure of the warefare between the devil and God in their life and now they are not in church and some don't even mention God anymore. I believe the devil has won in their lives. I also know that if we don't yield to the Holy Spirit we also can end up in the same position they are. When I get defeated in an area in my life first I must recognize it is sin and I need to confess and forsake it. I also realize and thank God for this that I have a long suffering God who understands where I am being tempted and will always be faithful to me. I also realize that the only way I can defeat the devil is by staying in the Word and by staying on my knee's. My question to you is when you are defeated in an area what keeps you going. I am reminded for what Jesus done for me and thus I can not turn back on the Lord I must keep going. It will be good one day when we lay down this robe of flesh as one song puts it, and we get a new one and the devil can never again defeat us. Praise the Lord that he will see us through even when we fail him. I don't understand why Christians want to stay in a carnal state. I fail the Lord but I want to get the carnality out of my life so I can be a better soldier in the Lord's army. If we have a desire to live for God, we will want to be close to the Lord. The only way the devil defeats us is when we backslide on God. I pray this was a help and also lets us press on till Jesus comes. Till next time God Bless.